Advantages of ATWS over Paper

  • Automates the tax warrant process
  • Increases department’s profitability
  • Decreases hours spent shuffling papers
  • Automatically creates reports
  • Automatically calculates the exact amount owed
  • Eliminates piles of paper files
  • Eliminates lost time searching for paper warrants
  • Generates taxpayer notification letters
  • Automatically creates deposit report
Time Saving Features & Benefits
  • All Tax Warrants can be viewed and notes added or updated, as needed.   This will eliminate the need to  manually search through drawers and folders in your file cabinets
  • The ATWS allows you to search anytime for any Tax Warrant, current or historical, by the following categories:
    • Name, Address, Zip Code, Tax Payer ID
    • Warrant #, Original amount owed, Payment amount
  • This system may eliminate the need to purchase additional file cabinets (Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Department has eliminated two (2) file cabinets since the implementation of ATWS
  • Tax Warrants are flagged as “bad address” and a Bad Address Report is automatically generated to inform the DOR.   This will help eliminate wasted time and postage money.
  • The ATWS allows you to view for each warrant all taxpayer notifications and the dates they were printed
  • The ATWS includes an extensive on-line Help System, including the ability to add specific comments about your Department’s Tax Warrant process(es) and/or procedure(s)
  • Once you flag a tax warrant as a “bad address,” the ATWS will not generate additional taxpayer notifications until you have received a valid address
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