How do I install the ATWS software on a new PC?

The software on each PC must also be Linked to the data tables in the cloud. You will need the linking pass-code to accomplish this. This code was given you when ATWS was installed and will not change for your county.

  1. Create the folder and set the its permissions to FULL CONTROL for any user that will be using ATWS: C:\TLG
  2. Navigate to the designated ATWS network folder and copy the application (by right-clicking on the file and select COPY): ATWS.exe
  3. Navigate to the folder: C:\TLG
  4. Right-click in the right pane of windows explorer and select PASTE
  5. Select the file: C:\TLG\ATWS.exe
  6. Single Left-click on the application, then right-click on the application and select COPY
  7. Move to the desktop and paste a shortcut by right-click on an empty area on the desktop and selecting PASTE SHORTCUT
  8. Rename the shortcut to ATWS by right-click on the ICON and select RENAME and type in ATWS
  9. Double-click on the desktop shortcut and if a box pops up with “Always ask before opening this file” un-check the box and then click RUN
  10. Link your tables by selecting your county name, enter the linking password, Click Next…
  11. You’re done

Note: DO NOT make a shortcut to a network fold because it drastically slows down the startup of ATWS.