How do I process ACH payments for tax warrants?

If you are using Lieberman Technologies’ credit card site for tax warrant payments, you can elect to receive an ACH deposit instead of a check. 

  • Each morning, you will receive a report of any credit card payments made on the site for the previous day. If there were no transactions, you will receive a blank PDF. The report will look like the below image:
  • Within approximately two business days, the ACH payment will appear in your checking account. Confirm that the amount deposited from Lieberman matches the total on the bottom of your report (number 1 highlighted in red).
  • Once you have verified the deposit total is correct, you can begin entering in each individual warrant payment.
    1. The amount paid by each taxpayer is the number highlighted in blue (number 2 in the above screenshot).
    2. Select “ACH payment” as the payment type.
    3. If the warrant is no longer in the system, please email ATWS Support Staff with your county name and the warrant number so that they can restore the warrant for payment processing.
  • When ready, run the deposit report and verify that the tax warrant payments are included on the In-Transit Deposit section of the deposit slip.