How do I update ATWS to latest version?

The software on each PC must also be Linked to the data tables in the cloud. You will need the linking pass-code to accomplish this. This code was given you when ATWS was installed and will not change for your county.


One time (regardless of how many PCs need updating) —

Download ATWS.exe from the website


    1. Save it to the desktop.
    2. After the file downloads, move it from the desktop to your designated ATWS network folder.


On all PCs, 1 at a time or many at the same time, as a rolling update —

  1. If the PC has ATWS running, Exit the applicaition
  2. Navigate to the folder: C:\TLG and delete the following:
    1. ATWS.exe
    2. SANDBOX folder
  3. Navigate to the designated ATWS network folder and copy the application (by right-clicking on the file and select COPY): ATWS.exe
  4. Navigate to the folder: C:\TLG and in the right pane of windows explorer and select PASTE
  5. Double-click on the desktop shortcut and if a box pops up with “Always ask before opening this file” un-check the box and then click RUN
  6. Link your tables by selecting your county name, enter the linking password, Click Next…
  7. You’re done