How do I void a Tax Warrant receipt?

The State Board of Accounts does not allow the deleting of a receipted item.  Therefore, to create an accounting trail that the State Board of Accounts can follow, the system will not allow the deletion of a receipt.  To correct an entry error, use the following steps:

  1. Click the “Automated Tax Warrant System” button on main system menu
  2. Find the taxpayer warrant on main warrant screen.
  3. Click the Payments tab.
  4. Find the payment receipt number that is incorrect.
  5. Double click on the receipt number.
  6. Enter ATWS Administrative password.
  7. When asked whether you want to offset the payment:
    1. Click NO to cancel the process.
    2. Click YES to continue with correcting the error
    • When you click YES to continue, a notes screen will display to allow you to make an entry as to why you are making the correction. The note can only be 250 characters long including spaces.
      1. Click OK to accept the note you have written or click Cancel to dismiss this screen.
      2. A report will generate displaying the original receipt and the correcting receipt and the note (if a note was entered). When asked if the offset receipt printed ok.
        1. Click YES to print the report
        2. Click NO to continue.
    • NOTE:  Once you are done with this process and if you are also using the ATWS Cash Book, a report will print out. This report should be given to the Cash Book support person so they can also VOID the receipt in the Receipting System. See “Void Existing Receipt” in Cash Book FAQ.
    • BE CAREFUL, the original receipt is still there, but an offset for a negative amount was created. DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK ON THE PAYMENT AGAIN.